Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Recycled Line

Last night I added three new items from my recycled line to my etsy shop, . I wanted to take a minute to also post the pictures here and to talk a little about the line itself.

My recycled paper bead line is one of my favorite things that I do. Each bead is handmade in my home from recycled magazines (donations welcome) and other household paper items as well. The peices must be measured, cut, rolled, glued, and glazed before I can do anythign else with them. After they are completely dry I can then turn them into works of art like the ones you see here. I love the fact that I am taking something that would normally be thrown away and turning it into something so beautiful! I can not begin to describe the compliments I've had on paper bead jewelry that I've worn in the past few weeks. People just walking by in the store will blurt out "I love your Necklace", and people who get close enough and ask about it are always in awe when I tell them it's made from recycled magazines! I hope that everyone will take the time to really look at a piece, whether it be in person or in my shop and see the detail of each bead and the work that is put into these pieces.


  1. I wandered over from infarrantly creative. I was reading through the older posts and saw yours. I'm an avid recycler and love the paper beads. I look forward to seeing more of your handmade items. Good luck with your etsy sales.

  2. Very nice
    A Mama with 2 Cents Worth to Share