Friday, March 26, 2010

Watch out!

Wow what a rainy morning... I'm trying to keep in mind that when it stops raining and the sun comes back out, that all of my flowers will be healthy and blooming!

I just thought I would take a few minutes to share with everyone some of my things to watch out for in the community!

I'm working on 8 banners right now to hang on the fence at the GYAA fields at Hidden Rock Park, and I will also be setting up to sell there on opening day which is April 17th!

I also just launched the Southfork MX Club t-shirts for 2010 to those of you who are involved in the motocross community!

I am trying to put together a community craft sale sometime in the next few months if anyone would be interested in being a vendor. I have a few phone calls out as far as locations but I am open to suggestions! I would love to make this show a huge success and show everyone what the handmade world is all about!

Happy Friday everyone, enjoy the weekend!

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